Dosing units
Break down the problem the natural way.

Waste water containing solids, grease and fat can cause severe drainage problems. Swan Freshflo® Dosing Units are designed and built to out-perform the competition.

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  • Stainless steel housing for easy wipe down and long life in a tough kitchen environment.
  • Wall mounted, so it is easy to fit out of the way and convenient for refilling the fluid.
  • Battery powered unit option to suit location without wiring.
  • Ideal for retro-fit.
  • Full maintenance instructions supplied with the unit.
  • 2 year return to base warranty.
  • All stainless construction.
  • Welded seams.
  • Easy to install.

Why Is It Different?

Our units are battery or mains powered, with manual or automatic release, for use inside or outside (above ground) with any size of Grease Trap to suit all applications and work areas.

  • We use Top quality components throughout.
  • Designed to serve for years in tough kitchen environments.
  • Significant advantages in: Fitting, Performance & Cost
  • Designed for quick inspection and easy cleaning.
  • Freshflo® Dosing Fluid is formulated for environmental safety.

Dosing Units Features

    • Natural biological action.
    • Wall mounted stainless housing is easy to fit and out of the way.
    • Battery or mains operated to suit location.

If you have a specific need, please let us know and we will do everything possible to meet your requirements.


Useful anywhere water quality counts

Swan Freshflo® Dosing Units are in use throughout the UK, helping businesses of all types and sizes to work more efficiently and comply with local regulations.

Swan Freshflo® Dosing Agent colonises your waste pipe system, providing continuous action.


Bistro, Bakery, Cafe, Hotel, Nursing Home, Restaurant, Social Club, Takeaway, Works Canteen

Factories, Food Packing, Food Processing, Industrial Units, Workshops

B & B, Guest House

Not sure what you need? We have probably done an installation just like yours and can help with useful information. Let us know what you want. Contact us.

2-Year Return To Base Warranty

If it’s our fault, we’ll fix it.
For a period of two years from date of purchase, we will replace a faulty unit by return on receipt of the Dosing Unit and proof of purchase, subject to appropriate application, correct installation and use according to instructions.


The Swan Dosing Unit has been developed over years of serving the demands of the UK catering industry.

The dosing units releases a bio-active fluid that contains natural cultures and surfactants that digest organic matter, fats, oils and grease. This is done ‘after hours’ when the unit is cooling. Because work times vary (opening hours, shifts etc.) the unit is timer controlled with a manual override to release the agent if required.

Swan Freshflo® Dosing Fluid establishes a colony of naturally occurring friendly bacteria in the bends and traps in your waste pipe system. For the bacteria, your waste is their food. The more waste is in the system, the bigger the colony grows, so the solution naturally matches the problem!

It is cheaper too. After the initial ‘starter’ dose, you only need regular top-ups with a smaller amount, saving on fluid costs compared to ‘short life’ fluids.

  • Waste water runs into your drain or Grease Trap.
  • When there is no water running, grease and oil separate and float on the water and solid particles settle down to the bottom.
  • The Dosing Units release a small measured amount of the Freshflo® fluid, which contains live active cultures. These colonise the bends and traps in your waste water piping.
  • The cultures get to work, releasing a bio-active agent and surfactants that digest organic matter, fats, oils and grease. As they feed on your waste they multiply increasing their action.
  • When the flow starts up again, the digested waste flushes away. Using Swan Freshflo® Dosing Fluid, means the colony stays and grows to match the amount of organic material you produce.

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