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Maximum performance and efficiancy.

Swan Enviro personnel are available to advise on the selection of the correct filter type to provide you with a cost effective solution ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.


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How It Works

Our patented design developed over years


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Disposable Filters

Two stage filter action cleans the air and protects your canopy from sticky grease build up. Up to 45% more efficient than a washable filter. Economical product with replaceable throw away pads.

Washable Filters

Wire wool insert traps grease effectively. Easily cleaned and designed to be re-used over and over again.

Baffle Filters

Fire proof baffles designed to prevent flame passing through the baffles.

Why not have your company name stamped on to the easy clean filter frame to increase your company profile?

Swan Freshmesh® filter pads and frames are priced for value.

Meeting the industry standard for quality and performance

If you have a specific need, please let us know and we will do everything possible to meet your requirements.

How it works

The Swan Grease Trap is a patented design developed over years of serving the demands of the UK catering industry.

The the industrial filters in this filtration system remove fats, oils, grease and solid matter from waste water before it enters the drain. It is a passive system, so there is no need for a circulation pump or other apparatus.

  • Waste water runs into the Grease Trap from the sink/dishwasher.
  • As waste water enters the trap, lighter fat, oil and grease separates and floats to the top whilst solid particles settle down to the bottom of the stainless steel filter cassette.
  • As the trap drains, waste water is drawn down through the filter cassette, reducing turbulence and filtering out more solid matter.
  • The filtered water runs up through the integrated air trap to the main drain.
  • The addition of the Swan Enviro Dosing Unit adds a measure of bio active fluid that helps break down solid grease, allowing it to flow out with the waste water. This is added at the end of the working day, allowing the dosing agent to work overnight.